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March 2, 2010

9:08 PM

My Girl's Gonna' Growl Soon!

Just this afternoon, I got a text from my good friend Len that Cae passed her interview and made it to the UST College of Tourism and Hospitality Management (UST-CTHM). 

After a quick prayer, I texted Alex and Cae and my sisters the good news (thanks so much, Lenski!). 

Yes, Cae will be a Thomasian - just like us.

Contrary to what others might think (or accuse us), Alex and I did not impose our alma mater on Cae. When she was not manifesting any inclination to AB, our beloved course, we did not insist on UST. Cae was the one who chose her course and university, although it was I who suggested that she also try her luck at UP, wala lang. Initially, she was setting her sight on DLSU-Taft (my youngest sister’s alma mater), but changed her mind when she set foot on USTe. I don’t remember who said it, if it was Alex or her, but indeed, mas bagay ang USTe sa kanya, at sa personality niya.

Maybe it was fate. Maybe it was written in the stars. Maybe home is really where the heart is.
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