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March 6, 2009

2:50 AM


Francis Durango Magalona or as he is also known FrancisM, Master Rapper, and The Man From Manila is credited as being the first Filipino rapper in the Philippines to successfully crossover to the mainstream. He is also popularly known as the "King of Pinoy Rap" and is one of the most idolized, celebrated and influential rappers within the genre (Wikipedia).
When the news about Francis Magalona and his illness came out two months ago, a few people texted and emailed me (to ask for a reaction or to simply inform me). My sister even emailed screen caps of his Multiply site (which I knew about, of course).
To this date, I’ve never really posted a shout out about my being a fan when I was a teenager. But, while watching Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho last Saturday evening, which featured his 3 Stars and A Sun clothing line, I didn’t realize tears were falling down my face after upon seeing him on the road to recovery. That same day, he was in Eat Bulaga with his Dabarkads.
All right then, I am a Francis Magalona fan ever since his Eclipse and breakdancing days. I always have been and I always will be. I remember my father (the kunsintidor that he is) and me touring Mandaluyong City just to look for the Magalona abode. I remember it so well, #69 Apo St. Apo is the first street parallel to EDSA if you’re southbound, you won’t miss it, it’s very near Wendy’s Boni. Two years ago, I PM’d his wife Pia (who used to be an active member of Femalenetwork’s Girltalk), if they were able to maintain the house on Apo St. and she said, no, especially after Kiko’s parents passed away (Pancho Magalona, 1998; and Tita Duran, 1990).
I saw him through his UFO-Bagets-That’s Entertainment-Student Canteen days, and yes, his reckless years (car accident, drugs issue, etc). I still have the old newspaper clippings. I lost a lot of personal stuff when I moved out of our apartment in QC, and eventually, out of my folk’s house, but I still have my Francis Magalona soft-bound yellow scrapbook, a labor of love. I think Cae saw it one time, and she couldn’t believe that I was once a fan. She goes, “Mo-mmyyyyy!”
Ilang shot lang, di ka na blangko.
Ilang shot lang, utak ay listo.
Well, I am and I always will be.
Postscript: I never got to publish this blog (written late last year). It’s too late. I’m so sorry that Francis never knew about me. I am happy though that he is in a happier place now. Rest in peace.
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